An introduction from the bloggers

We decided to start this blog to address topics ranging from health and dieting to world events, all in a cross-cultural spirit. Isaak is a psychology student from Germany; Sebastian, from America. In retrospect, our two cultures went from blowing holes in each other’s back-ends in World War II, to running internet forums together (like this) and finding mutual satisfaction in those wonderful German beer-brews. We may not agree on every topic we write about, but we will argue for our opinions when they do diverge and this will highlight the differences and similarities between our two value systems. By hosting forums like this, we hope to build metaphorical “bridges” that bring different world views together. Join us on our journey.


2 thoughts on “An introduction from the bloggers

  1. This is a new age we are entering and the whole world is waking up. The counter-culture is growing and we will someday be the Culture – that’s just evolution. Can’t wait to read what you guys have to say.

    Love and Light,


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